How to Get More People to Show Up (Without Bugging the Crap Out of ‘Em)

event marketingDo you know what it means to break the seal?

If you’ve spent any time at the pub, I’m sure you do. Once you make that first trip to the bathroom. You find yourself returning again and again.

And do you know what happens once you get your audience to break the seal?

You increase the likelihood of them returning again and again. No, not to use the bathroom, but to come to your events.

And successful event marketing starts with an email follow-up system

So instead of sending out one giant email with tons of info as your event marketing, you break it into tiny steps.

Each step, or email, represents  a particular detail about your event. Stick to one thought per email. This keeps it quick and simple.

This increases the likelihood of your email being read. Which also increases the likelihood of people taking the action you’d like them to take. But the actions must be easy enough to digest so people break the seal.

Successful event marketing with email looks like this:

Email #1. A brief overview of the event asking people to mark their calendars.
Email #2. One specific detail about the event and why people should attend.
Email #3. Specific detail two and why people should attend
Email #4. Detail number three and why people should attend.
Email #5. Reminder email about the event and details/link about full event.

Look at how this changes your event marketing

Instead of one giant email that no one reads, you’re creating several emails with information that layers upon the last email. You’re actually training people to take tiny actions. By the time you want them to come to your event, they’ve already broken the seal.

And a broken seal equals more successful event marketing

Plan an email every week or every other week leading up to the event. You might be worried you’re not going to turn people off. But guess what?

Successful event marketing means focusing on your audience. If you know your audience and find the things that interest them. Then it’s not about you.

It’s about what’s in it for your audience?

This way you build excitement for your event, while at the same time you’re reminding people. This way they don’t forget about it. And they get to see why they’d be interested in your event.

When people are interested, it’s easier to break the seal

Think about it.

An email subject line focused on the reader–gets your email opened.

A short email focused on one thought–gets your email read.

A small simple step–makes it easy for people to take action–or break the seal.

Then you’ll find yourself with a longer line for the bathroom. I mean, your event. =)

And that’s the key to successful event marketing.

Summary for successful event marketing:

  • Plan your event emails in advance so you can send multiple messages
  • Focus on a single detailed thought in each message
  • Small simple steps get your audience in the habit of doing what you’d like them to do

Action plan:

Write a brief ‘mark your calendar’ email. List four reasons why someone would want to attend your event. Set-up an email for each reason. Then send out the final reminder email for your event. Then you’ll be on your way to successful email marketing.

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