How to Get More Likes For Your Facebook Page (Two Easy Ways!)

Constant-Contact-Facebook-PageWant to get more “Likes” for your Facebook page?

When you’re first getting started it’s likely that you’ll be asking your friends to help you out.

Here are two ways you can make it easy for them to like your page:

1. Paste the URL of your Facebook Page into a status update

From your personal profile copy and then paste the URL to your Facebook Page into a status update. Your URL should look something like this:

Once you’ve pasted the URL into the update Facebook will create a preview at the bottom of the post. At this point you can erase the URL from the text portion of the update and add your text asking people to “Like” your page.

You’re published post will look like the following and people will be able to easily “Like” your page by clicking the “Like” button.

Constant Contact Facebook URL

2. Tag your page in a status update

Just follow the instructions in the image below to tag your page in a status update.


When the name of the page you’re looking for shows up in the list click it to add it your post.

Your status update with tags will then look like this:

constant conact tagged post

Now all a person has to do is hover over the tagged name. This brings up a box that allows people to click “like” right from the update.

Constant Contact hover

Pretty cool eh? That’s how you get more Facebook “likes” the easy way.

Oh, and if you want tips and inspiration on doing more business you can “Like” the Constant Contact Facebook Page here:

How about you? Have you tried these easy ways to get more likes for your Facebook Page? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. ariel says

    Great info! Would you happen to know how to respond to a person that’s liked your page? I’d like to send them a ‘thanks for liking us’ but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that as a page.

    • says

      Hi Ariel,

      Good question. I’m not too sure.

      I’ll see what I can find out. Although I feel like a direct message for ‘liking’ a page would be more invasive than helpful.

      A better way to might be to give access to a gift of some kind for liking your page as a thank you. You could even create a video of some sort.

      Make sense?

      • says

        If I might – I have a Face book page for my blog. When authors and followers like my page, I simply post Welcome to My Life. (the name) – insert name (and if author, author of). Facebook is linked to twitter so the thank you goes out. People have responded back and they seem to like the personalization. This has proved positive for me.

    • says

      Ariel, so from what I can tell you can not respond directly to a person who liked your page. But like I mentioned earlier your better off thanking them by creating an awesome Page for them. 😉

    • Brandon D says

      You can also “@name” tag people who like your page and that person will get a notification that they have been tagged in a post. You could also just post enough that your thank you messages show up in their news stream…

  2. says

    Hi I cant find how to tag a page in your status. Could you tell me how to do this. I am a beginner and have been doing it the same way as you started!! (the hard way) thanks

  3. says

    One thing I have tried and find it a great way of getting likes. Is offering a prize on page, where people have to send pictures. The best five pictures get selected and then the person who gets the most votes on our site wins the prize (to vote, their friends must comment on page (i vote joe bloggs) therefore they have to LIKE the page so that they can vote :-)

  4. College 411 Mag says

    Ok, if you are still giving out advise I could really use it. I did exactly what you said and typed @college411mag on my page in the status area and the “LIKE” button did not come up. Do you have to have a number of “LIKES” before you can do this feature. Also, what do you know about usernames?

    • says


      Did you hit share after you typed @college411mag? Once that status goes live if you hover over the link it should give you info about the page and the ability to “like” it.

      Also, be sure you “like” the page from your personal profile so the link comes up when you type the @pagename.

      Let me know if this helps.

      What specifically would you like to know about usernames?

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. College 411 Mag says


    I did hit share and nothing pops up. Actually, the info pops up but not the “LIKE” button and yes I have “LIKE” my page as well, for about 2 weeks I was the only one… lol.
    As for the username, I wanted to know if a username can be reused after an account has been deleted.

    Thanks for the help.

    • says

      Gotcha. The “like” button doesn’t show up for you because you already like the page. It will be there for those who haven’t liked it yet.

      As far as I know you cannot reuse a deleted name. But I have not confirmed that.

  6. College 411 Mag says

    Ahhhh, excellent. I was up till 4am trying to figure it out, telling myself “I have a Master’s Degree, but still a dumb A$$… lol.
    Thanks alot.
    As far as the username that is what I figured, but still very disappointed. So, I guess it will never come up then, right?

  7. Karen Perese says

    Thanks cool info and yes I have been doing it the hard way. Just created a Fan Page so needed the 25 likes to get started!

  8. Rituraj says

    i found a website which has this collection of facebook pages to get likes .. i feel that is much similar to twiends but here they give no credits ..but user has to visit the site daily and like the new pages is the link

    • says

      Thanks Rituraj. I’m not sure I approve this type of site. Mainly because the likes are worthless. Sure there’s the perception that your page is more popular but I’d rather work a little harder on the front end to get likes from people who are actually interested in the page. Make sense?

  9. says

    I did the @ and my page came up but not the like. Is it because it is somehow linked to my personal page? My Life. One Story at a Time.
    is my blog’s face book page. Thanks for any help.

  10. says

    Hello i have a page based on art work, i some how deleted the option of viewing the photo’s from the photo tab, how can i fix?

  11. says

    This article is spot on. Not in innovation, or anything of the like, but in highlighting a simple solution to getting Facebook likes in a easier, less invasive manner. It’s quite easy to forget such simple solutions.

  12. Kate Lennon says

    Okay…. I’m confused. I tried this, but instead of a “Like” option appearing, I’m getting the options to “Add Friend” and “Send Message”. No “Like” option. What am I doing wrong? To make it clear, I’m entering the name of my “fan” page (*not* my personal page) with @ in front of it (@mypagename). It isn’t possible to “friend” this page, so why is this option appearing instead of “Like”?

  13. Kate Lennon says

    I’d prefer not to give out thje url, if that’s okay, but it’s definitely a “fan” page, or a “fb page”, and not my personal page. The url of the page is actually a name followed by some numbers, like this:
    (I’ve only changed the name and the number. ) As you can see, it’s definitely a fb page, and not my private page.
    Can you confirm that I’m not supposed to include the number after the page name? I’m using “@PageName” not “@PageName/91721123456”
    Is that what I shuld be doing?

  14. Kate Lennon says

    That only happens if I have already “Liked” the page.
    When I type the @ symbol and then the first couple of letters of the name, it appears in a dropdown. If I *select* the name from the dropdown, the @ disappears, and if I post that, it appears as a link (but it looks like plain text: you it only becomes underlined if I run my cursor over it, and the icon image from the page appears). If I don’t select the name from the dropdown, but type in the name manually, the same thing happens. But no “Like” option appears (presumably because I have already “Liked” the page).
    So I “un-Liked” the page and tried the whole thing again. This time the dropdown didn’t appear when I typed in the name, and only plain text (the name) appeared when I posted it – no link, no image; just plain text. Nothing happened when I hovered over it. The name just appears as plain text.
    I went back to the page and “Liked” it again. And again, the name appeared in a dropdown when I began to type it in the update box on my personal page. And again the neme appeared as a link (that looked like plain text until the cursor goes over it) – but no “Like” option appears.
    I tried the whole thing again from the fb account of a friend, and it’s exactly the same. So I don’t know… could they fb have changed the settings somehow so that this no longer works, I wonder? They keep changing everything all the time. It’s very annoying.

    • says

      So it sounds as if things are working the way they should. If you have “liked” the page you won’t have the option to “like” it again when you hover.

      • Kate Lennon says

        Eh…. no, it isn’t working at all. For someone who hasn’t already “Liked” the page the name only appears as plain text on the fb wall. No link, no dropdown, nothing on hover, no “Like” option.

          • Kate says

            This is really driving me nuts. It seems to work for everyone else, but not for me. Yesterday I created a new fb page and tried it again. It doesnt work. And Im using a different computer (and a different browser) than I was the last time.
            Im obviously doing something wrong – but how can I be? The instructions are simple, and I may be blonde, but Im not *that* blonde!
            Lets say the page I created is Happy Christmas (it isnt, but it is two words), and that the url of the page is
            So what youre saying here is that if I post @happychristmas in my status update, it should appear as an active link, and open a box when I hover over it with my cursor?
            It doesnt. Nothing happens. @happychristmas just displays in plain text.
            Ive also tried @Happy Christmas. Same thing. It just appears as plain text.
            Can you *please* tell me what Im doing wrong!??

  15. kris says

    Thank You Dave for posting this tip this will help me a lot to get more likes on my part time job where I need to get a lit of FB Likes.

  16. says

    hello Dave, thanks for sharing this.
    I tried this, yes, it works.
    But I found another question, why some facebook pages don’t have the “like button even tagged by @ , would you please tell me why?
    I tried our page, @BudgetGadgets , but it don’t have the like button .

  17. says

    Tagging can be an effective way to get Facebook Likes. But we also need to be engaging. We also need to interact regularly to the people who like our page, just like socializing as a human, and not a page or a product.

  18. says

    Dave, Thanks for the great tips. Had a question about tagging a page, is it possible to tag a page while posting a comment on another page using the @?

    • says

      Hi Len,

      Yes. I believe that is possible. But you’ll want to be careful that you’re tagging something that is relevant to the discussion and not just trying to promote something. Not that that’s why you were asking.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • says

        The reason I ask is because I saw on another page, a post referencing a quote with a link to the fb page that the quote was coming from. When I clicked on the fb page, i noticed the same post on that other page. My guess is that the author of the post, posted the same thing on both pages (unlike how twitter mentions would work).
        I tried to use the @pagename on a post on my own page but could not get that to work. It just ended up as typed and not a link to the other page, do you happen to know how to create those links?

        • says

          I’m not sure exactly what you mean without seeing it. Could it have been a share for the page’s post? Do you have a screen shot? If you do email it to me directly.

  19. Sarah says

    Hey! Another annoying FB trait, if another PAGE ‘likes’ your ‘Page’ … (i.e. it’s not an actual person, but a business page for example) it doesn’t always notify you or add to your number of LIKEs!! Most annoying, had this happen 4 times!! Any thoughts? Oh … will return the LIKEs btw. from: Lily’s Pond Photography (note the apostrophe ‘s on Lily’s! ~ as there’s now another page very similar in name!) Boo! lol

  20. says

    Very nice .. but i have a question .. how can i tag my facebook page link in another word .. i see some admins make posts for their pages in another pages , their pages name “any name” , but the link is on another word like “see more” .. please tell me how can i do something like that

  21. Study In Australia says

    Yes Definitely the Tagging concept on the Facebook wall post do helps in getting more genuine likes more and more. It makes people in the friend list feel connected to the brand and thus they will like to like the page also easily.

  22. says

    Hi Dave,

    I applied your described method to use @fb-page on two FB pages. On one, I noticed the Like appearing in the hover picture. On the other, it is missing – I have a large 200×488 image which I use for the page. I wonder what is going on.


  23. Maya says

    Has FB changed this feature since your article was written? I did it, and the link shows up just as you posted, but without the “like” option at the bottom left.

  24. says

    We set-up a FB business page- but how do we get more people to like it? Some people ask why-what does it do if I like it.
    Any suggestions

    • says

      Thats the exact question you need to answer. What are you going to offer people who like your Page? Perhaps you could offer industry tips, exclusive behind the scenes stuff, you could offer specials, you could have fan appreciation posts, etc. There are lots of things you can do you just need to try things and see what gets the most engagement.

  25. says

    Great info, simply put. Thank you. Now any info on how to grab email address from a landing page? Ie a page that says leave your email address and we will give you….(whatever)

      • says

        Hi Dave, it is for facebook, I have been going round in circles with old information trying to get fbml to work and just found out I need Iframes now, (I am new to all this!) I have managed to get a basic irames page up now though. But not yet managed the email grab thing, I think I have to add link into my landing page picture. (whic is at hypo-allergenic dog foods on facebook.

  26. says

    Well, we gained 97 likes in one week just bij tagging the name as followed @onadailybasis. people clicked on it and they took the efford to like the page. those are the people you want on your page. so.. whatever man

  27. Zeke says

    I can’t seem to figure out the @ thing you talked about, can you break it down in simpler terms? Thanks.

  28. says

    Wow, thank you. I have sent out posts asking for likes from friends and family and all I ever got were likes for the status posts. I had a total of 3 likes after a year because I could not figure out how to make this easy for them. I gave up and just shared everything on my personal wall but with this method, I started getting likes in less than a minute. I signed up for Wicked Smaht e-course and am looking forward to reading it. If the info is as good as this article is, I can’t wait to use it.
    Thanks Again, Stacey

  29. Kristina says

    I’m trying to get my old “likes” to “like” my new page but it seems the @ trick only works on the new page, in which case the followers on the old page, won’t see it. It seems this means only the people who already see and like the page will see the message… :(

  30. says

    Great article!

    I think an important thing to consider aswell with any Facebook page is that “content is king”. Give people reason to like your page and want to share it with other users on Facebook.

  31. craig says

    i tried this it doesnt show a like button for my facebook page, just simply adds a link, which doesnt help because there is already a link there…the other day i say a status update from Harvey Norman (aussie company) and they had a like my page in his status update so you didnt have to go into the page to like the page. do you guys know how to do this?

    • says

      Hi Dave,
      It’s just awesome… and works a lot… but i have another question for you… and the question is.. “HOW TO TAG MY FANS, WHEN I UPLOAD AN IMAGE ON MY PAGE…??” coz tagging is not works when i upload an image as a page..!!

      • says

        You can’t actually tag your fans in photos. They must tag themselves. I believe the only people you can tag are the people who you are connected to with your personal profile.

  32. says

    omg…so helpful…it was embarrasing to have to correct people who wanted to like my page and tell them they just liked the status of my new fan page…

  33. says

    Hi Dave, enjoyed reading your article and also the following discussions.

    I already have a personal FB profile and created a FB business page. I realised that I could only set a Manager/Content Created etc for my business page if the person is a friend on my personal page. Am I able to appoint someone other than my ‘friends’?

    • says

      Hi Jeremy,

      I don’t believe you can do this. You’ll have to be connected as friends first before you can add them as an admin to your Page. You may be able to unfriend them once you’ve given them access but I haven’t actually tried this.

  34. says

    I was wondering if you knew how to make it so that people have to “like” your page to view your posts. I have 800 likes on my page, but I reach over 8,000 people. I also have a welcome page I’d like Facebook to go directly to if someone hasn’t liked the page, but I’m not sure how! Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Jay,

      Thanks for your question. Facebook actually removed the ability to set a default welcome page for people who haven’t Liked your Page. The best you can do now is to Like-gate some type of content in exchange for a Like. Be sure to include this page in the tabs section under your cover photo. And also pin a post with a link to the page to the top of your Timeline.

  35. says

    It tagging (@name) works with COMPUTER, but doesn’t work with mobile phones.

    I was actually searching for an article that would help me increase the number of fans (who ‘like’ my page) but after reading the comments, I almost forgot what I was searching for LOL.

  36. Brooke says

    Hi Dave!

    Thank you so much for this info, it’s such an ingenious piece of info. I was wondering if you can help me with a tagging/@mention problem I am experiencing with my page. When I try to tag one of my likers in my status or a comment, it will only allow me to tag/@mention other pages (such as business, apps or blog pages). The drop down box appears but none of my likers appear in it, only pages. Can you or anyone else help me please?!
    Thanks you in advance!

  37. says

    Seems like good advice on here, but I’m still confused! So I’m just starting out and only have about 90 likes. I just added all my friends through the invite friends feature. Can you tell me how tagging my art studio page in my personal page is going to get me more likes from people who aren’t already my friends? I don’t see how it would reach people outside my “friends list”? What about tagging my page in others pages comment box? Example: I reply to a comment that a celebrity/band/artist/companies posted on their page, if I tagged my page in my reply and they clicked on the link and liked it, then I’d get more likes, right?