[Podcast] How to Build a Responsive Community With Your Blog

Starting a blog can feel a lot like those old western films.

Tumbleweed blows by what looks like deserted posts.

Where is everybody? Anyone?

Unfortunately, build it and they will come does not pertain to a blog. Regardless of what some people would have you believe.

The truth is a blog is hard work. And building a community around it even harder.

So what do you to get some response?

Today’s topic: How to Build a Responsive Community With Your Blog

frank dickinson

Frank Dickinson

We’ll be covering three key areas:

  1. Using and authentic voice
  2. Finding the right blog topics
  3. How to get a better response with your blog posts

Today we welcome blogger and writer, Frank Dickinson. You should follow Frank on Twitter here.

Listen. Comment. Share.

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  1. says

    Thanks Dave for the invite to do this podcast with you – it’s a topic I’m passionate about and i couldn’t think of a better person to share the experience than you.

    burn the tumbleweeds…